WCW Septemer 16th, 2015: Chloe Bennet

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The Nerd Initiative #WCW goes to….Chloe Bennet.  Not only does she have the grooves and the moves, she’s a special WCW because members of The Nerd Initiative got a chance to meet her!  How often do you get to meet your WCW?  Well here at The Nerd Initiative we make dreams happen baby.  That’s why we were assembled, to bring our fandom to life!  Check out the video and photos from the meet and greet.



About Kevin Iriarte

Kevin Iriarte aka itsHeavykev is a contributor for the Nerd Initiative. His special powers are marketing, beat making, and powerlifting. He loves to blog, vlog, and wear clogs. You can find him at the beach putting his dreams in the waves hoping one day his Ariel will come home to him once again.