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Tangible Memories


Prynt is not just any ordinary iphone or android case but the first instant camera case that prints photos with augmented reality videos.  It includes a mini instant photo printer on the back, allowing you to snap a picture and then print out a mini polaroid-like photo that you can share, but that’s not all. The Prynt app can record a six-second video linked to the photo that you took and stores it in the cloud.  After printing out your photo, if you point your smartphone to the photo, it will scan the image and play back the video via augmented reality, making the photo come to life.

The Prynt Case comes in two different colors, black with a white grip or white with a gray grip. The adapter is currently available for the iphone 5C/5/5S/6/6S and the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5.

The French company originally launched Prynt on Kickstarter last year and quickly collecting over $1.5 million by the end of its campaign. Prynt Corp. is now selling Prynt directly through its website for $149 (includes the printer, phone adapter, and 10 pieces of photo paper).

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