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Surprise Nerd Packages by Nerd Block


Greetings and salutations fellow nerds and geeks. Today, we bring forth another awesome monthly geek and gamer gear service delivered right to your doorstep, Nerd Block! Similar to LOOTCREATE, which we covered previously in one of our The Nerd Initiative unboxing videos, Nerd Block is the world’s premium monthly subscription box for nerds and geeks alike. Offering a subscription to suit your taste and interest that includes fans of Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Marvel and Nintendo just to name a few.

Every month, Nerd Block experts select the best toys, collectibles and gear that us nerds and geek like and enjoy. Each package contains a limited edition T-shirt and a selection of five or six nerd themed toys, sent out around the 15th of every month and shipped all around the world. If for some reason you do not like the product, you can cancel at any time.

Nerds Have Options

At Nerd Block you can choose your theme:

Comic Block – The comic subscription box.
Nerd Black Classic – Comic con in a box, plus a shirt, monthly.
Sci-fi Block – The Sci-fi subscription box.
Arcade Block – The video game subscription box.
Horror Block – The pop horror subscription box.
Nerd Block Jr. Girls – Awesome nerd gear for kids aged 6 -11.
Nerd Block Jr. Boys – Awesome nerd gear for kids aged 6 – 11.

These are some of the best collectibles you can find on the planet earth. Exclusive merchandise curated by experts and celebrity autographed. Did I mention that these are collectible nerd gear? What geek doesn’t want all of the above! In addition, a new subscriber to any Nerd Block product can enjoy toys and collectibles delivered monthly, plus a FREE Welcome Block just for signing up. Active subscribers can grab a themed Grab Block for half the price of our regular adult themed blocks (a one-off special offer). Current subscribers can also get $5 for referring a friend, which can be a great gift for that nerd in your life.

How Nerd Block Works

In the future, we hope to create a unboxing video for the Nerd Block.For now, check out February’s Nerd Block Classic, and be on the look out for Deadpool, Batman, Mario and more!

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