Need For Speed

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Released November 3, 2015, which just so happened to coincide with the first day of SEMA 2015, brings back a sense of nostalgia to those die hard Need For Speed fans that remember the days of Need For Speed: Underground.

You start off as a newcomer to the scene with a lot of potential to becoming an incredible driver and are pretty much instantaneously scouted out by a fellow street racer named Spike who introduces you to his crew.

Spike – Likes to showoff and talks a big game

Amy – True gear head that can always be found working on a new build

Travis – Serious, straight forward, and doesn’t mess around

Manu – Laid back and jokes around, but a force to be reckoned with on the street

Robyn – The attractive young female street racer of every guy’s dreams

The objective of the game is simple. Build up your REP by winning races all throughout town and by pulling off insane drifts. The bigger the drift, the more REP you’ll receive. The added bonus of wining cash along with REP isn’t bad either, as the cash can be used to buy parts to for you to modify your ride and build it into the ultimate driving machine. Of course, you could always just save up the money and spend it on an exotic that requires minimal modifications to decimate most opposition.

Despite the lack of being able to drive in Manual mode or play Offline, Need For Speed is still a game that is fun to play either alone or with friends. It doesn’t take much time for someone to get immersed into the story line and want to keep playing to see what items they can unlock and how the story progresses.

The graphics are without a doubt stunning, to say the least. And the added feature of realism where the car loses traction as the ground becomes wet from rain adds a nice bit of excitement into the driving experience.

Although Need For Speed can’t really be considered a simulator, it never was the focus of the developers in the first place. Need For Speed is simply a racing game where you can do anything you wish you could do in real life without having to risk your life.

Just remember people…

Need For Speed is a game… Your life isn’t…