Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Flask Prototype by ‘if industries’

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Han shot first and so could you.  The folks over at the Etsy store ‘if industries’ who are known for their handmade accouterments for geeks have designed the DL-44 Blaster Flask.  This piece features a removable barrel which will act as a shot class and the blaster itself will house all your favorite hard liquors for those hard days and nights.  Just be sure you don’t hop into the Millennium Falcon after taking a few shots of whatever you may be storing in this gorgeous creation.

No release date has been set, and there may be a possible chance that this product may not be released ever.  But for all you nerds that like to get down, keep an eye out on the interweb for more news on it’s release.

About Leo Dignadice

Leo is the owner of The Nerd Initiative