Funko POP! San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Ned Stark

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This year’s San Diego Comic Con brought tons of exclusives for collectors worldwide and even for all ages.  Funko rolled through the comic con this year by storm releasing multiple exclusives from their Funko POP! line of collectibles.  One of the most wanted POP! figures was the Game of Thrones Ned Stark Exclusive.  Why is this such an exclusive??  For those that are familiar with Game of Thrones you will remember in Season 1 where King Joffery’s bastard ass had Ned Starks head chopped off.  Well, with this POP! Exclusive, you can do just the same!! Ned Stark comes with a removable head along that can attach to the body with the help of magnets installed on the body and head of the figure.  Be sure to check out the pictures below, because if you missed out on this exclusive, this may be one of the chances to see what everyone was losing their heads about during the San Diego Comic Con!!!

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