Digital artist designs using Microsoft Excel!

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Digital artist uses Microsoft Excel to create magnificant digital artwork.

Digital artist designs Microsoft Excel!

Screenshot from Shukei’s youtube channel:

Digital artist, Shukeiart can turn software meant for performing complex mathematical formulas into works of art. I was doing my usual Facebook stalking timeline hustle today and in my feed I came across Shuki. The still image of the video showcased Ryu from Capcom’s Streetfighter. The artists rendition of Ryu was already captivating mind but it wasn’t until I found out he didn’t use the normal illustrator software that many in the community use. He wasn’t using Adobe Illustrator, he didn’t master Manga Studios, nor did he manipulate paint on Microsoft. This guy used Microsoft Excel! EXCEL!

Check out his speed art video as he sculpts Ryu using smart art, rows and columns.

Seriously this dude is insane.  I mean look at his recent work he uploaded to Facebook!

GTA V en Microsoft ExcelLes Comparto otra de mis ilustraciones hechas en Microsoft Excel con mouseSuscríbete a mi canal de YT:

Posted by Shukei on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shukei’s a great artist. On all of his social media he shares his drawings, manga, illustrations and free tutorials. However you need to be able to understand Spanish if you wish to follow along his how-to’s. For me I’m a fan of his speed art especially his work using spreadsheets. I will never look at Microsoft Excel the same ever again!
Subscribe to Shukei’s YouTube Channel: Give the guy some props, he reimagined spreadsheets and took it to a whole other level!.

Digital artist designs Microsoft Excel!

I am used to hearing the excuses and complaints online about how they don’t have the right software to create the designs that they wish to make. For me I’m a self-taught graphic designer so I don’t totally grasp the issues with no having the correct tools. I always make do with what I have otherwise I get creative and find other ways to generate the results I want. I’m not great at what I do but I’m definitely above average to some of the self-taught graphic designers out there. I do have the software needed but I wonder if I had to use software that was meant for calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications?  I’m creative but far from being that deep and focused like Shukei.  I’m more than impressed, I’m mesmerized.

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