AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 Red Carpet Premiere

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On October 3rd, 2013, Universal City Walk located in Universal City, Ca was packed with fans, tourists, collectors, autograph ebay’ers, celebrities, and most of all the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Hosted by Hyundai, Time Warner Cable, and AMC, cast of hit show strutted their stuff, signed autographs, did interviews, and did some picture taking with fans.  We at the Nerd Initiative had the opportunity to attend and here is how it all went down!!!

Figuring we need to get there early and to avoid the hordes of “graphers” in the morning, we figured 8am would be a good time to take our 1 hour commute to Universal City Walk.  Little did we know that “Extra TV” was filming in the morning with cast members Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, and Chad Coleman.  Since the barricades were not set up yet in front of the AMC theaters where the event was to be held, we decided to go ahead and hang around the “Extra TV” set and looking around I noticed nothing but “graphers” ready with their stacks and stacks of prints and posters. Our first target that I find was Steven Yeun.  He was in the parking area talking to his rep.  My wife who had noticed him walking around the set walked around to try to catch him and low and behold she was able to have him sign
The Walking Dead Magazine with him and Lauren Cohan on the cover.

IMG_2017Wondering who else would be showing up in that area we got the word that Norman Reedus was at the Saddle Ranch Restaurant with a couple other cast members and he had taken a picture with a fan as he was smoking outside.  So off to Saddle Ranch we go!  Staging that we were going to go into the bar to get a drink, we were told specifically that the cast members will not be signing while they are in the restaurant.  This was told to us by an employee who worked for “Extra TV”.  Out of respect I clearly stated ok thats fine and went on.  I knew the chances of getting them to sign were slim at the time so I went ahead and waited outside and snapped a couple photos of Norman Reedus and Chad Coleman waving to my iPhone.  Steven Yeun was there as well but I was unable to capture the picture of him waving.

After they did the interviews, the three took some time out to sign autographs and as usual people were getting greedy and sticking 3, 4, 5 items in their faces to sign which ALWAYS ruins it for true collectors.  But hey to each his own right???  Realizing we weren’t going to succeed we went ahead and took a stroll to see if the barricades were set up in front of the theater.  We did not want to pass up an opportunity of getting right in front!!

Unfortunately, right when we got there, the barricades were being rolled out by staff and it was just a matter of time where we can secure our spot right in front.  After waiting for a good hour or so, barricades were finally placed and we rushed up along with everyone else to secure our spot in line.

After a 6 1/2 – 7 hour wait, it was finally time!  Cast members (current and new) walked up and down the barricades interacting with fans, signing autographs, and taking pictures.  Those in attendance was Sonequa Martin-Green, Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, Robert Kirkman, Emilyl Kinney, Gale Anne Hurd, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Kayla Kennedy, Scott Wilson, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and many more.  Unfortunately, the two I needed most, David Morrissey and Melissa McBride, did not attend.  Along with the cast, many celebrities outside of the show decided to show up.  With names like Ashley Tisdale, Robert Rodriguez, Jillian Michaels, Alexa Vega, and more, this red carpet premiere was sure to be a hit!  And it was!!! Check out the images below and I apologize for some of the grainy images.  A lot of these pictures were taken with my iPhone since it was too chaotic, I had to put my DSLR away.

Here are my signed items from the event! Enjoy!


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