Sports Illustrated First Plus-Sized Model

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Asheley Graham breaks stereotypes and becomes Sports Illustrated’s first plus-sized model!

Thank you Sports Illustrated for going against the grain, defying the norm, for standing by what’s beautiful. Women all across the globe will have their eyes on Ashely Graham. Ok I take that back, women and especially men will have their eyelids peeled back so they can see the beauty that Ashley Graham portrays.

Sports Illustrated: Asheley Graham

When I found out that Sports Illustrated was featuring a plus-sized woman I was like finally I don’t have to lurk in darkness as the shadows of my room hides on shame freeing to scour my laptop as I creepily drool at the naughty-naughty sites just to get my plump girl fix on. It appears that Ashely Graham was just as excited as me to find out about the decision. Just look at Ashley Graham’s reaction to finding out she’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.

For me it’s not her outer appearance that captivates me her personality is equally attractive.

I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. — Ashley Graham for Swimsuits for All

You have to love a woman that knows how to balance her confidence with humbleness. Nothing I dislike more than a women that overuses her sexiness to the point of eye gouging annoyance.

Sports Illustrated: Asheley Graham

I hope this begins an upward trend of plus-sized models in fashion, film, and entertainment industries. I’m not talking about the common image of plump women taking on the comedic role in films and television. I’m talking about a full on movement of larger women gracing the screens and runways saying that perfection is made up and beauty lies in how you show yourself to be. For me, I love my women but I love them more when they come with confidence and ambition. Give me that women over everything.


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