2013 San Diego Comic Con “The Walking Dead” Outside the Con Encounter

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Many have known of a little place located in between the Hilton Bayfront Hotel Parking Structure and the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  This location provides entrance to all celebrities attending the Comic Con.  The drive way provides limo drop off and pick up to and from the convention center and leads up to the Hilton Bayfront Hotel where celebrities do their press interviews.  You will find graphers and fans of all kinds and for the most part, this is where The Nerd Initiative resides when too tired to walk the convention center exhibit hall.  On 7/19/2013 AMC’s The Walking Dead cast had their press interviews and we were able to catch a few of the cast members outside and took pictures with them.

First on the list was Danai Gurira.  I noticed her from across the driveway as she was waiting for her limo.  She did not exit through the main exit that the cast / celebrities come out of.  I crossed the driveway and as she was signing for some “grapher” (who’s intent was probably to make money) I kindly asked for a picture and she agreed to do so.  What was funny was this grapher was such a punk because he was yelling at his girlfriend for not telling him ahead of time that Danai was there.  I could see Danai shaking her head at him when she started getting in the car.  The best part about this all was he was so high strung that he didn’t realize he had her autograph on there already! Jokes on you buddy….don’t disrespect your lady in public and this is what you get for intending to sell!!!

As I walk back across the way to watch everyone come out of the freight elevators, I notice Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, David Morrissey, and Chad Coleman come out.  I clearly yell for David Morrissey to come out but he kindly waves.  That’s where I had to pull out the big guns and bring out my Cast Signed Walking Dead Sheriffs Hat!!!  This grabbed everyone’s attention.  Steven Yeun told his rep he was going to cross the way and sign and take pictures.  He then brought along everyone with him!!!!  I had received Andrew Lincoln during Paleyfest on my Sheriffs hat so I kindly asked him to take a picture and he actually remembered my hat from the event!  On and on I asked the rest of the cast politely if I can take pictures and if they can sign my hat, and they kindly did so.

I did get pictures with Lauren Cohan and David Morrissey, will post when I can get them uploaded!!!

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